Our farm:

It is a farmland of 300 acres in the municipality of farsala at the county of Larisa and in the municipality of Thaumakos - Domokos at the county of Fthiotida, where we cultivate two varieties of pistachio trees. The classic variety from Aigina and Pontikis variety with more noble characteristics in our opinion.

Our product:

The pistachios that are cultivated at papastathis farm is a product from Thessaly, wrist of 7500 trees. This product is a result of the combination of a variety of factors that confer unique characteristics that make it irresistible.

The particularly geomorphologic and climatic characteristics of the region and the meticulous care farming , lead to the management demanding specifications described in the product.

The soil analyzes in conjunction with those of leave diagnosis are communication tools with our trees, to ensure their fertile nutrient environment. Cultivating with strict rules of good agricultural practices and using only approved and authorized plant protection substances under the Greek and European legislation. Each batch is tested in every stage of the production process from the tree to the consumers, looking for pesticides residues, aflatoxins in order to privet from reaching to the consumers.




Why us ?

  • There is consciousness in consistent quality and product safety.      
  • Our engagement with the subject gave us the chance to collaborate with many other growers of pistachios and other crops in Thessaly.
  • Our education level helps us in proper and valid understandings.
  • Our next target is to enter in larger retail markets.
  • WE, certain producers of pistachio and other nuts, are going to be here every year with the standard.


Why our product ?

  • Growing with all the rules of good agricultural practice.
  • Ours product is cultivated in a defined geographical unity of -THESSALIA - .
  • Products from a certain region, with the same climatic growing conditions, certain varieties of trees , same physical characteristics , and evolving cultivation techniques.
  • Each lot is accompanied by a certificate of inspection pesticide persistence and detection of aflatoxins and if requested nutritional value etc.